About Me

Photography started as a hobby for me. Like so many moms,  I started taking photographs out of a desperation to document every little moment of my son's life, as he was growing and changing faster than I could believe. I fell in love with it, and immediately felt that I had found my calling. 

I pride myself on two things: meticulous planning prior to your session and a laid back experience during your session.  These two aspects of my photography philosophy go hand in hand and are the reason my sessions are as successful as they are.  I will hold your hand every step of the way leading up to your session in regards to choosing a location, scheduling our session at the best time of day (both in terms of light, weather, and your children's naps), as well as styling your session.  We will talk about what kind of images are important to you, what the purpose of our session is, and what types of images you are drawn to most.  By doing the work prior to your session, it will ensure that during your session you can feel comfortable, at ease, and we can just have fun.  The biggest compliment I get from my clients time and time again, is that their session was so much fun and that because it was fun, I was able to truly capture their family's personalities in their picture.

Starting this business has been such a wonderful experience, and I absolutely love the relationships I have developed with my clients.  It is an absolute privilege to watch their children grow from newborns to toddlers to big brothers and sisters!  I am now the mom to two beautiful kiddos, and I treat my clients' images with the same care and precision as I treat those of my own.

I spend a lot of time on the business outside of the expected taking pictures and editing.  I am constantly taking workshops to stay up to date in my training, shopping for the very best accessories, and antiquing to find one of a kind vintage props.  When I'm not working on those things, I enjoy (you guessed it!) taking pictures of my kids, TV binge-style, cooking, home decor, and saying "next week I'll start working out".  I wish I had time for more than that, but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!  Thanks so much for visiting my page - I'd love to hear more about you and your family!

Photo Credit: Taken by Carrie Werner Photography, Edited by Stefanie Cole Photographer